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Jan 23, 2015

Fashion 411 Statement Pieces

Designed by Candace and Chandra Wade, Chandra Jewelry features statement pieces for women who want to make a statement. Handcrafted in Philadelphia, this unique collection is essentially wearable art where no two are alike. Distinctly handcrafted, the dramatic rings, necklaces, and earring are made from leather, agate, and organically shaped quartz crystal. Bold, colorful, and exotic, the line features matching sets or pieces that can be mixed to create a more dimensional look.

Hailing from Argentina, designer Marcelo Pendola handcrafts exquisitely detailed statement pieces comprised of Swarovski crystals, gems, pearls, feathers, etc…With awards season in full swing expect to see Pendola’s creation on the red carpet in the near future.

1 comment:

  1. It's beautiful, it really is not the same woman dressed now out of work, and I intend to buy swarovski crystal to dress themselves, enhance their charm.


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