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Mar 26, 2014

Dead By April – As a Butterfly

(Spinefarm Records)

When the whole screamo era started I absolutely loved it and I appreciated bands that came forth trying to tackle the art of molding light harmonies and borderline death growls. Dead By April is keeping to the art of a screamo band alive and have created “As a Butterfly.” Although the guys might not be newcomers to their art, they are constantly twisting and perfecting their sound. This band may be difficult to categorize into one specific genre (which I love! Versatility is key with this!). However, they manage to attract millions of followers and sell out venues. While hailing from Sweden there’s already a set expectation to excel in this metal-like genre. Their single “As a Butterfly” offers a sample of simple synthesizers, meshed heavy guitar riffs, light vocals by singer Cristoffer Andersson, and screams courtesy of Zandro Zantiago. Check out Dead By April and their single “As a Butterfly” off of their newly released album titled, Let The World Know.

Melissa Moreno

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