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Sep 30, 2013

The Golden Furs - Strand

When you think about New York there are a few choice words that come to mind for me: fashion, food, music, and sex appeal. While your word association for New York might defer from mine, the sex appeal part fits just right in with this new band. The Golden Furs were created in New York and gave birth to their song about procreation titled “Strand.” As singer John BellaVia keeps his voice very simple and in tune you have more of an opportunity to sit back and enjoy the blues influenced guitar melodies and strong supporting bass. The Golden Furs will release their debut EP on October 5th, so if you happen to be near The Bitter End in New York on that day make sure to drop by (8 p.m.) and check them out. I’m sure they perform just as sexy as they sound. In the meantime, here is the Furs' “Strand.”
Melissa Moreno


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