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Aug 19, 2013

Cameron The Public - Apple Pie

This. Is. Awesome! Cameron The Public is giving you all a FREE download to get a good taste of what to expect later on this year on their upcoming EP. With front man Cameron Rafati doing absolutely nothing but creating music standards are set high for his projects. Especially when he promotes the fact that he’s an unemployed college drop-out music loyalist. 

The very beginning makes you want to believe that it’s going to be good. 10 seconds into the song, give me more, 30 seconds in and you’re sold! The track delivers an all-around upbeat, slap the knee-type tempo. If you haven’t found that one song to get your summer parties started - look no further. Take a listen and download FOR FREE Cameron The Public’s “Apple Pie.” Then tell us what you think!
Melissa Moreno, @melmoreno6

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