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May 13, 2013

Music Monday – Demo Reviews

Back in the early days we used to do something called demo reviews in order to expose our readers to underground and unsigned bands. Now, thanks to the internet it’s much easier for the public to discover bands from all over. However, just for old times’ sake, we’re going to flash back to those days and tell you about two bands that you most likely have never heard of. 

The first is a band from New Zealand called Salt. Comprised of Brett McGuigan (bass/vocals), Mike Nelson (guitar), Luke Cooke (drums), and Rachel Jane (keys), the group delivers a unique rendition of progressive punk rock that they have come to refer as “munk”. Their debut album, Radio Station, has a raw edge and throws a bit of blues and dance rhythms into the mix. For a taste of what Salt has to offer visit:

Next up is The Secret City. The alt-rock trio from Sydney’s self-titled debut is a soulful release that draws inspiration from all genres of music. The songs that comprise this disc will make a lasting impression both lyrically and musically. Wanna know more? Visit

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