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Apr 1, 2013

Ghost Loft: “Seconds”

Ghost Loft has put out a new track, which you can purchase on iTunes or enjoy on constant repeat via SoundCloud, titled “Seconds.” The mastermind, Danny Choi, has unleashed two remixes of the tune, and I have to say it is extremely difficult to choose, which version I enjoy the most.

Let’s start off with the simple version of “Seconds” as meant by Ghost Loft. It’s a very straightforward, tranquil, and upbeat song. Crashing ideas right? But that’s exactly what it is. The beat is very slow and subtle while delivering a dash of low toned lyrics and a chorus of high paced “Baby I Love Yous.” I find it to be a relaxing end of the night wind down.

Next, we have the ‘Twice As Nice’ remix. While still maintaining the modest charm of the track, the song is transformed and peaks at different points emitting more of a dub step feel.

Lastly, the ‘Ta-Ku’ remix just screams a trip to a Vegas nightclub. The relaxation of “Seconds” was thrown out the window and given a much faster pace that is still tasteful and urges you to throw your hands up in the air along with the imaginary beautiful people surrounding you.

Take a listen on Ghost Loft’s SoundCloud site and be sure to tell us which version of “Seconds” you find to be most pleasant on the ear drums.
Melissa Moreno

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