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Jan 4, 2013

Arc and Stones

What would you get if you threw in a blender The Black Keys, Velvet Revolver, and Kings of Leon?...Arc and Stones. This duo, backed by a few good men, produces some serious blues rock. Their five track, self-titled, EP is set to debut in February. In the meantime, Dan Pellarin and Ben Cramer are busy hitting every venue possible in New York City and are creating a great deal of anticipation and hype for what they can give back to the music world.

Arc and Stones first video, titled “Silence,” is up on YouTube and provides a glimpse at the duo’s more melodic version of Kings of Leon after taking proper vocal lessons. While I think that their first single “Silence” is the best thing about this upcoming EP I’d be interested to see where they can take their musical talents (because there is no doubt that it’s there) and find their spot on the map of rockers.

Take a listen to “Silence” and see what you think. Do they have the potential of being something more than just a one EP band?
Melissa Moreno

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