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Nov 15, 2012

Kind of Like Records Presents “Kind of Like A Comp II”

Remember when the Warped Tour was actually an anticipated summer event? You’d go, get sun burned, spend $7 on a bottle of water, buy a few $20 t-shirts that you’d wear for weeks non- stop and, then, the best part…Warped Tour Compilation CD’s! To this day it’s something I still cherish (the compilation CD that is, because I was never allowed to go to concerts until the ripe age of 18). Well, Kind of Like Records has compiled a 22 track FREE download as a welcome gift in honor of the Florida Music Fest (conveniently titled FEST11). The compilation, Kind of Like A Comp II, contains tunes from several artists that I might not be familiar with, but all the groups on this download bring you back to the sweet and loving soundtrack that you worshipped while courting your flavor of the month back in high school. Go ahead and check out these FREE 22 artists and see what you think? Click on the link right here for a direct download and enjoy!
Melissa Moreno


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