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Jun 20, 2012

DarkDriveClinic – Noise In My Head

(Metropolis Records)
If you’re a fan of the Goth/Industrial scene then I’m sure you are quite familiar with John Fryer. The legendary producer is known for his work with the Cocteau Twins, Depeche Mode, and Nine Inch Nails. He was also the driving force behind This Mortal Coil. Not one to sit still John has a new project – DarkDriveClinic, which is a decadent collaboration with StripmallArchitecture vocalist Rebecca Coseboom.

The band’s electro/industrial debut, Noise In My Head, opens with “Crawl” – a dark instrumental that paves the way for “The offering” in which we are first introduced to Rebecca’s ethereal voice, which is simply captivating. “Litmus Heart” is a gutsy tune with a catchy melody and an infectious beat.

Dancing electronics provide the backbone for “Find The Flaw,” and on the other end of the spectrum sinister atmospherics work overtime in “Mercury Head.” Rebecca’s angelic voice escorts you on a mystical journey in “Love’s Lost Cross.” The haunting sax adds a nice touch.
The group cranks up the aggression on “Still Contagious.” This song, which features dark, gritty guitars (courtesy of Tom Berger), is downright contagious. The album closes with the title track, which finds the band veering into trip-hop territory.

Fans of the darkwave genre will be very pleased as Fryer does not disappoint with this flawlessly produced release. Noise In My Head offers a nice mix of industrial beats, metallic riffs, and dreamy atmospherics that are complimented by Rebecca’s delicate, emotive vocals.
The group is wrapping up a short tour of the west coast. Be sure to check their website to see where they’ll be performing next. – NIN

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