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Mar 9, 2012

Two Point Oh! LA Spring 2012 Pre Fashion Week Party

You know fashion week has arrived when you receive the invite for the Two Point Oh LA! Pre Fashion Week Party. The festive affair returned to Cement Studio because it’s a great location for a party. I always enjoy Two Point Oh! LA events because I get to connect with old friends (Wendy Bendoni and Ami Gan) and make new ones (Ashleigh McGrew and Stephanie Green).  And, there is always a great candy bar courtesy of Stylesmith. Thank you Kelsi Smith for indulging our sweet tooth.

I had seen an ad for Hard Luck Candy Vodka about a week ago and was trying to figure out a way to con my in laws from Michigan to send me a bottle (or two). Lucky for me, Hard Luck Candy was the drink sponsor for the evening so I got to try Red Fish (gummy) and Lemon Drop. Both were delicious! They also have Orange Dream and Root Beer Barrel. I can’t wait to taste those. The company is working on breaking into California. Currently, only Young’s Market carries the brand, so I may still have to work on that bribe.

Reps from Native Union and Hex were onsite to tell us about their cool gadgets. Native Union is responsible for the retro POP Phone. It’s a handset that comes in a variety of colors and plugs into any cell phone, tablet, or computer. The company also makes a product called “Play,” which is a video memo that has a magnetized back so it can be mounted on the frig or other metallic surfaces. It is equipped with a high-quality video camera and a sophisticated 3 minute multiple message recording system.

Hex makes cases and wallets for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. They also manufacture backpacks, messengers, and cross body totes for iPads, which feature a patented PadPort for on the go iPad use. My favorite accessory was the iPod Nano watch band. It’s a fun, stylish way to wear your Nano. Plus, you can download the clock app so it will look and function like a real watch.

Of course, the other fun aspect of a TPOLA party is all the great outfits. Enjoy the slideshow!

Narrative and photos by Nikki Neil

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