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Mar 25, 2012

Isis Idel Cosmetics Launch Party

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the Isis Idel Cosmetics Launch Party in NY on March 9th, due to my obligations at L.A. Fashion Week, so I sent my mom and sister, Rose Lopez, (who is a professional make-up artist) as my proxies.

Held at Cap 21 Studios, the party celebrated the launch of Isis Idel’s new Sultry Kiss lip gloss Collection. Founder Isis Richardson graciously donates a percentage of her company’s sales to Sudan Sunrise – an organization that focuses on the support of refugees in Sudan. A representative from the organization was on site to tell everyone all about it.

In addition to some fine food and drink guests received gift bags containing hair care products from Miss Jessie’s.

There were also samples of the Sultry Kiss lip gloss, Kenzo Homme Eau D’ Toilette Boisee, and NU Nude Skincare Advance Cellular Renewal Moisturizer. Sasha L Jewels also had their funky, fresh jewelry on display.

Isis plans on expanding beyond the realms of lip gloss and will be selling signature t-shirts as well. She also informed me that she will be opening up a boutique in May and is currently looking for up-and-coming designers to feature in her shop, which will be located at 116th St. and Park Ave. Stay tuned for more details.

Narrative by Nikki Neil. Photos by Rose Lopez

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