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Jan 25, 2012

Candy Hearts: I Want You

(Kind of Like Records)

You remember the era when you’d get random one hit wonders that were of the grunge scene? You know, the kind where you have a girl with a cute little voice that’s accompanying the classic hip dude banging out the same nicely pitched melody? This is how I would pin point Candy Hearts and their acoustic version of their single called “I Want You”.  I’d say that it’s extremely catchy, the vocals are tad bit short of amazing, and it flows easy so it’s impossible to forget or dismiss.  I wouldn’t say that in this day and age it would be the next big thing on your iPod (the 90’s are unfortunately over), but I wouldn’t say anything less than, “It’s a track I’ll enjoy when I’m feeling bubbly-like.” If you need a quick pick me up then one listen to “I Want You” will surely be your hit. 
Melissa Moreno

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