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Jan 22, 2012

Anti-Flag – The General Strike

(Side One Dummy)  Go: Get This!

Anti-Flag is back at it again! Expect on March 20th of this year album number eight titled, “The General Strike”. Not only are we getting the joy of 12 genius tracks, but also a lot of anti establishment, “Let’s start a movement!” pumping songs that get you throwing punches in the air like an enraged ‘Occupy Wallstreet’-ee. The best part of all this - you have four men who are able to create the awareness they seek and continue to round up fans whether it’s because of their take on politics or just because we really enjoy their punk rock music.  

My favorite track on this album is hands down “I Don’t Wanna”. The entire song itself is beyond amazing, but what makes it really great is the following line: “The hardest battle you’re ever going to have to fight is the battle to just be you”. It’s the perfect morning jam for your drive to work - whether it’s to a blue collar gig, a break your back for the rich man job, or an oxygen lacking financial institution that prides itself on robbing the blue collar, break your back person of their last dime. See the angst this is causing? Do yourself a favor and count down every day till March 20th because you’ll have a soundtrack to motivate you to “…fight the battle to just be you.”

Also, if you happen to be in the Northeastern parts of the great U.S. during the beginning of March you’ll get to rock out with Anti-Flag’s movement in cities such as Philadelphia, Washington DC, Boston…you know…heavy concentrated epicenters of politics.
Melissa Moreno

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