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Dec 20, 2011

Bold Magazine Launch Party

On Wednesday, December 14th, Bold Magazine held its official launch party. You can check out the debut issue online and, after that, all issues going forward will be available in print format.

I had the pleasure of meeting the magazine’s founder/editor-in-chief Elissa Mirsky. She informed me that the initial concept behind Bold was to provide people of color with a high fashion publication that mirrored the minority community. Essentially, when you see Black you see Bold. However, Black isn’t just about skin color. Black represents the minority of talented individuals who are overlooked in the fashion, art, tv/film, and music industry. Bold magazine’s goal is to empower and boost the careers of independent designers, artists, actors, and musicians.

I also met Isis Richardson. Isis is the founder/creator of Radiance Lip Gloss. Isis didn’t have it easy growing up, but she was determined to take charge of her life. In addition to running her own company she acts, models, and raps and is also on active duty with the US Army. Isis graciously donates a percentage of all Radiance sales to Sudan Sunrise – an organization that focuses on the support of refugees in Sudan.  I really admire her ambition and courage. You can find out more about Isis in Bold’s debut issue, which also features interviews with actress Janelle Black, Designers Curly-V and Mathew Graham, Make-up artists Melanie Mills and Robert Wilson, emerging artist Tom Rivers, and songstress Alex Isley, among others.

Also in attendance was the magazine’s cover model Bia Barnett in addition to Michelle Morgan (editor at large) Elissa’s sister and niece, and fellow fashion bloggers Tehelah Lisett and Tamara Baskin. The lovely Anh Volchek (designer for L’une) came to show her support along with her friend Remi. Remi is an image and fashion designer whose specialty is elegant men’s formalwear. He often styles for red carpet events.  

Anh was wearing a few pieces from her new jewelry line. One of which was a fabulous necklace made from zip ties and the other was an edgy ring made of glass.

(Bia was kind enough to pose for a picture while wearing the L’une ring.)

Every time I see Anh she always has something new in the works, and I’m always blown away by her creativity. Her plastic bustier and cuff and black satin skirt are worn by Soo Yeon  Lee in a recent Red Bull commercial featuring Blake Griffin. You can check it out here if you haven’t already seen it on ESPN.

On our way out we were given a gift bag featuring some great hair products courtesy of Miss Jessie’s and Melanie Mills’ Gleam Body Radiance. All in all, it was a very fun evening. I’m very excited about Bold’s future and love what the magazine represents. Be sure to check it out, subscribe, and support the independent community because Bold is beautiful.

Narrative and photos by Nikki Neil  Cover photo courtesy of Bold


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