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Nov 17, 2011

Thread Show LA Fall/Winter 2011

The recent installment of Thread LA was a lot of fun. I’m not sure if it was the wide variety of vendors or the number of familiar faces. Either way, it was an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday as there were lots of bargains to be found.

Our first stop was the LOK’D Jewelry booth. I needed a few gifts for the holidays and LOK’D was the perfect fit. Jase added a few new products since I saw him a week ago – one being a cool new line of tees and the other a super sized watch pendant that would make Flava Flav proud.

A few booths down we spotted the lovely Lisa Michelle. Lisa had a number of new accessories on display from her SS 2012 collection. I had a chance to view the lookbook featuring the new designs and let’s just say they are AMAZING! While I was there I picked up an embossed leather bow belt and matching mini cuff. I can’t wait to rock them at a holiday party. Both would go great with a little LBD.

Right next to Lisa was our dear friend kaRIN. BiteMe! has been a long time supporter of kaRIN’s fashion line KBD and her band Collide. (Music + Fashion) On display were some distressed leather iPhone cases that any guy would be proud to rock. She also had some edgy rings, cool cuffs, artsy business card holders, and hip tees adorned with Swarovski embellishments. I’m always amazed by the new creations kaRIN comes up with. She also channels that creative force into her music and together with Statik (producer extraordinaire) they create some bad ass music. Their new album Counting ToZero is out now. I highly recommend checking it out.

I was also excited to see that the adorable Anh Volcek was at the show. I’ve been a fan of L’Une for a while.  Anh showed me her sketch book for her new collection. I was very impressed because her sketches were just a beautiful as the garments themselves. She also had some of her cuffs on display that were made from spun plastic and glass. Anh also makes some spectacular hats out of the spun plastic in addition to bustiers and bras. They are mind blowing. Jennifer Hudson tried on a beautiful black, sheer gown that looked stunning on her. Hopefully, we’ll see her on the red carpet wearing it.

Of course there were lots of other fun and cool things to discover like the belt buckles made from old concert tickets by Rock My World. Hand crafted vintage cocktail rings from Confection Jewels. Comfy knit sweaters created by Julio Santiago of Santiago Knits. Goth inspired ruffle gauntlets from Crows Cloth and some very witty shirts and prints by Sebastien Millon.

In addition to shopping, attendees were also treated to a style lounge with complimentary hair and make-up styling in addition to free mini-massages. There was also a DIY gift wrapping lounge, a clothes swap lounge, live music, and a photo booth. If you haven’t been to a Thread Show I suggest you make a point to do so. It’s a fashion haven filled with unique finds and the latest trends from local indie designers.

Narrative and photos by: Nikki Neil

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