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Aug 23, 2011

Handbago.Com – A premiere online destination for Handbag Lovers

For most girls handbags are considered the ultimate accessory. If you happen to be one of those gals then you need to check out Handbago – a site geared towards women who LOVE handbags and contains a wide variety of fashionable bags that fulfill a variety of needs.

In a nutshell, is a premiere online destination for “All Things Handbags.” It’s a marketplace, as well as a community, where members (aka Bagistas) can sign up to receive reviews, news, event info, fashion tips, and enter contests to win fabulous handbags. Shoppers looking for the perfect bag can enjoy the benefit of filtering by brand, style, color, material, and price. They can visit the blog or watch video clips for coverage on trends and exclusive designer interviews. Bagistas can also enjoy the benefits of free shipping and returns and a guaranteed price match on every order.

At Handbago you’ll find purses from established and emerging designers. The site provides the allure of a local boutique with the selection of a luxury store front. The company works with designers and provides a custom online storefront that allows for complete control over pricing and inventory. Emerging designers can also take advantage of Handbago’s affordable services, which includes brand consulting, product photography, PR, and online marketing.
Bag lovers, you’ll be amazed with the wide selection available. The site offers everything from a wallet wristlet to a Pet JetsetterDiaper Bag. You can even pick up a Hermès Birkin for a cool $9,000. There is also a sale section too!
Narrative by Nikki Neil

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