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Jul 13, 2011

SCREAM – Complete Control Session

(Side One Dummy)

Punk-rock group SCREAM has gotten together recently in, no other than the infamous, Dave Grohl’s recording studio and put together a little seven tracked EP titled Complete Control Session. (In case you didn’t know SCREAM was Grohl’s first band.) This conveniently titled album really gives away the makeup to SCREAM. Veering away from the usual chart breaking groups, this album balances off-key, orchestrated chaos and leaves behind a perfectly aged piece of work with a residue of some catchy tunes. A track to best get the idea of Complete Control Session is “Get Free” in which front man, Pete Stahl, shows hints of Jimi Hendrix impersonating Bob Dylan accompanied by a simple rock background. The cherry on the cake for this track is the bluesy harmonica that comes at the end of the track. This perception of SCREAM is dismantled by the following track “Jamin at 606” which is a mess of guitars, drums, screams, and receptiveness for a mere minute and forty seconds - it’s a genuine jam session in a recording studio. If you appreciate the raw and the rare, I highly recommend you listening to SCREAM’s new EP Complete Control Session.
Melissa Moreno

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  1. In case you didn't know, Dave was in 'Mission Impossible', then 'Dain Bramage', then 'Scream'...


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