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Jul 21, 2011

The Condors – Live at the Old Towne Pub

I’ll admit my day job puts a damper on my nightlife, especially if the event starts after 10 p.m. But, when your dear friend tells you he’s playing in your neighborhood at 9:30 on a Wednesday night you can’t say “No”.

The location: Old Towne Pub in Pasadena - a cozy little dive bar hidden in an alley just off Fair Oaks between Holly and Union. It’s in a courtyard so you can sit outside and still hear the band playing. I got there just as The Condors were about to take the stage (talk about timing). I’ve seen the group before—Pat (Pooch) DiPuccio (vocals/guitars), Mario (Miggs) DiLeva (bass), Sandip Dasgupta (guitar), and drummer Mark White—but had forgotten just how good they were. The Condors’ sound is high energy DIY punk mixed with the right amount of pop sensibility. Their music is catchy and enjoyable and Pooch’s whiskey tinged vocals add the right touch. The band played a number of tunes from their first two albums, which included my personal favs “Set Me on Fire,” and “Listen to Me, Now”. They also threw in some new songs from their upcoming release - “Bad Tattoo,” which featured a bluesy harmonica intro and an infectious little ditty titled “(all hung up) On the Telephone Line.”

The crowd consisted of regulars, fans, and a couple of gals who wondered in off the street. They stayed for a bit and before leaving made sure to find out where the group would be playing next and where they could purchase their music. It’s safe to assume the guys made a few new fans that night and rightly so, as the members of The Condors are seasoned musicians that are dynamic in a live setting. Seeing them that night reminded me of why I started a music fanzine – for the thrill of experiencing a great band in an intimate live setting.

Old Town Pub is a cool place. They have live music nightly and $3 PBRs. If The Condors had a residency I’d be an OTP regular. They’ll be playing at Mr. T’s at the end of August and their new CD will be out late September/early October. For updates visit - NIN

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