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Jul 27, 2011

The Birthday Massacre - Imaginary Monsters

(Metropolis Records)

The Birthday Massacre has constructed an eight track EP titled Imaginary Monsters set to be released on August 9, 2011. If you seem reluctant to continue reading this blurb regarding a band with what you can call “a little out of the ordinary” name then you don’t deserve this EP. I find that, from start to finish, this EP is truly enjoyable and beats the stereotypical groups that we usually find ourselves gravitating towards. Having been able to experience The Birthday Massacre in person, I was highly anticipating what light I would see them in next - and they did not disappoint.

Have you ever seen a horror movie that just reeks of fake blood and a disgustingly horrible plot, but as the credits begin to roll on the closing track gives you the slightest feeling that perhaps you misjudged the movie and it was good after all? This is how I feel about Imaginary Monsters. It breaks away from all of my previous misconceptions of highly synthesized Goth rock and leaves me contemplating if I’d like to hit repeat when this EP came to an end.

A track that I highly enjoyed is one out of the three new tunes titled “Burn Away”. It displays the right mixture of singer Chibi’s soft, kind voice and simplistic lyrics allowing you to get a feel for the art that The Birthday Massacre puts into their music.

I might suggest a light warning that if you don’t find synthesizers and keyboards a great component of music then the remixes of previously released songs (by Combichrist, SKOLD, tweaker, Kevvy Mental, Dave Ogilvie, and Assemblage 23) might not be what floats your boat. But, I can give my honest written opinion that Imaginary Monsters will be something you’ll come upon and walk away with a pair of satisfied ears.
Melissa Moreno

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