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Apr 29, 2011

CD Review: Lovett – Highway Collection

(Lovers Label) Go, Get It Now!

Ben Lovett, more commonly known as Lovett, is the perfect example of a great indie pop artist. Everything from his look to his music includes elements that are both familiar and original and, even more impressive, he did all this without much prior experience or help.

Lovett became a musician shortly after getting into recording bands and producing songs - something he had little experience in. Shortly after his grandfather’s funeral, Lovett began doing something he had never done before – write music. 

Lovett released his debut album, Highway Collection, in March of this year on his own record label, Lovers Label. And, as if that weren’t enough, he is also releasing a video for each of the nine songs on the album, all of which are to be directed by Lovett. So far, he has released videos for “Heartattack,” “Eye of the Storm,” and “The Fear.” Each video captures the unique life of each song. While “Heartattack” is set at a colorful, vivacious concert (no doubt making anyone watching want to be there), the video for “Eye of the Storm” is Tim Burton-like and haunting.

But that isn’t to say that the music couldn’t do just fine on its own. Lovett has a voice with a country twang to it and, in the sensitive songs on the album like “Two Lovers,” the depth and raspiness harmonizes perfectly with the acoustic guitar and piano. The diverse mix of instruments on the album makes it impossible for any two songs to sound alike. Horns, piano, guitar, tambourine, sax, you name it, it’s probably on the album. This makes it difficult to categorize Lovett’s music but, in many ways, its diversity just adds to the beauty of it.

The fact that Lovett seems to do almost everything himself, and does it well, shows that the man has a lot of genuine creativity. And, unique creative direction like Lovett’s is something indie pop seems to be lacking lately.
Chantelle Moghadam


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