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Apr 13, 2011

Livan – Off The Grid

(Pumpkin Music)  Go! Get it Now!

If there’s one thing that draws my attention to a band, it’s their ability to take you away from your current moment and throw you into a different dimension. Now, this isn’t any ordinary realistic dimension… it’s one where you forget you’re driving (hazardous and not recommended), you ignore your constantly ringing smart phone, the perils of the real world slip away, and all you have left is the moment of a song. Livan’s latest album Off The Grid (available now for your greedy hands to purchase) shows extreme potential to do just that.

A couple of my favorite tracks:
“Little White Lies”: It has a great rhythm to dance too, but isn’t under the category of pop or pop-punk/grunge. You know what crap I’m talking about. Hearing Livan is almost like listening to Jonathan Davis from Korn singing with a smile, accompanied by upbeat tempos, la-la-linging, and only the hint of a synthesizer.

“The Joker”: Immediately I’m captivated by the dark but whiney Goth background and the chorus which screams of a drunken anthem - two of my needed elements to have a favorite song. It’s simplicity at its best when it comes to composing a rock track, but high enough on the skill level to stand out from one hit wonders.

The entire album is upbeat enough for you to get your Goth, industrial, grunge-type fix without feeling depressed. Although, I might warn you that it’s possible to experience a sudden urge to go out and buy black combat boots or some kind of fishnet apparel. I would highly recommend you taking a listen to our friends from the lovely United Kingdom. Their website is only a click away:
Melissa Moreno

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