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Feb 18, 2011

2011 Grammy Style Studio - Part 2

Attending The Grammy Style Studio was a fun experience. There were so many things to see – gowns, jewelry, handbags, and sunglasses. It was like Disneyland for a fashionista. I wanted to hide out until the event was over so I could run around and try on all the stunning clothes and accessories.
I immediately fell in love with the designs by Lloyd Klein. Lloyd Klein, who was a traditionally trained architect, specializes in couture but also makes ready-to-wear, jewelry, shoes, and handbags. The couture really is a work of art – made from gorgeous fabrics and draped with precision. There was one dramatic piece that I could see Lady Gaga wearing. And, after seeing what she ended up wearing on stage, I’m sad she didn’t pick this black gown up.

For those who prefer to make a more subtle entrance Gypsy05 was on hand to meet that need. Established by Israeli brothers and sister duo Osi & Dotan Shoharn, Gypsy05 is a lifestyle brand that can easily transition from day to night. These eco-friendly dresses are made from organic fabrics, natural dyes, and are produced in a solar-powered factory. I could see Taylor Swift in one of their flowy bohemian style dresses.

Brian Lichtenberg had something for the more adventurous musician. Brian’s cutting edge designs range from architectural bodysuits to form-fitting dresses. The designer likes to push the boundaries between fashion and function as his clothing features unexpected elements, textures, and patterns. There was a black jacket with jagged-glass pieces that were attached with velcro so they could be arranged and rearranged. Brian’s imaginative creations have already been worn by Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and Katy Perry. I can see Nicki Minaj becoming a fan as well.

Of course every girl needs the perfect handbag to accentuate her outfit and Bagstil was there to fill that need. I even found one that went perfectly with the outfit I had on. Designed by Cindy Gellerson, the Bagstil line features handbags, travel bags, and laptop cases for those who like to express their individuality in fashion. Blending European and American influences this versatile collection is super chic and stylish. The bags are made from exquisite fabrics and feature distinctive detailing and sleek silhouettes. There were some cute clutches that were red carpet worthy and perfect for the after parties as well. I fully expect that all the “It” girls will soon be photographed with a Bagstil bag.

The other half of the suite was occupied by Chelsea Rebelle. Designer Sarah Brannon derives her inspiration from music, youth culture, and art. Her modern, flirty, fun frocks are often whimsical with a dark twist. She’s known for her use of bold color patterns, interesting fabrics (rubber), and oversized girly bows. I can see Katy Perry wearing Chelsea Rebelle’s edgy yet girlie apparel.

A red carpet outfit isn’t complete until it is paired with some sparkling jewels. Sydney Evan fine jewelry was the perfect antidote. Created by Rosanne Karmes, Sydney Evan jewelry celebrates the uniqueness of our lives. The line ranges from delicate to shimmering to bold statement pieces. Her personal encrusted charms are used by celebrities to express trends, spiritually, causes, or personality.

Of course every celeb needs to have a pair of cool shades and Marchon Eyewear delivered. Known for their revolutionary line of 3D eyewear Marchon’s fashionable shades have been worn by Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga. Spectacles for Humans also displayed their unique selection of top independent brands. The company also debuted their very own SFH-branded eyewear collection titled Champagne, Cocaine, and Ecstasy. Anthony Hamilton and members of Alice In Chains were sportin’ the shades. There was also a pair of 24 carat gold sunglasses, which were a hit.


Narrative and Photos by Nikki Neil

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