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Dec 14, 2010

Interview with Radio Silence NYC

You know the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover?” This is most applicable when it comes to the boys from Radio Silence NYC. Although they look young, which they really are, RSNYC is demonstrating the key fundamentals of a legendary rock group. On top of working on an upcoming album, Zach (vocals/guitar), Wyatt (drums), Dylan (guitar), and Tim (bass) have been hard at work promoting a song for a cause. While working alongside RSNYC has been promoting their single “Renegade,” which is focused towards the rising cases of bullying and unfortunate teen suicides. It’s not all about becoming known throughout the world for their natural born talents, but also making a positive impression to the listeners they attract in the process.

BM:! Give us a quick rundown on the birth of Radio Silence NYC?

Wyatt: Zach and I were in a band that parted ways after turning down a record deal, and we wanted to keep going with music. Zach knew Dylan and brought him down to audition and we played with each other for a year as another band before finding Tim and officially becoming Radio Silence.

BM:! Now, I have to admit that as I started to research you guys, I came across your website and listened to your cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll” and was laughing due to pure shock! You guys are ridiculously phenomenal! I think groups nowadays would be jealous of the talent you guys poured into my ears! How did you develop your musical knack?

Zach: Thanks a lot! Glad you enjoyed it. I've been singing for a really long time, since I was 6, and playing guitar for about 2 years. I guess the musical knack came from always being around music and practicing a lot. As a band we try to practice as much as possible.

BM:! How does each member contribute to the group?

Wyatt: Each member brings a completely different musical element and personality to Radio Silence. Dylan brings the soul of classic hard rock and blues to the band with his solos. Tim brings a funky metal twist and drives the music with his growling bass lines. Zach brings noticeable catchy hooks and vocal emotion to every song and I use my diverse background of musical tastes to develop my drum lines. We are an eclectic mixing pot of sounds.

BM:! Let’s get into “Renegade”. How did you end up teaming up with DoSomething.Org?

Wyatt: Since we originally wrote the song about hate and after we saw the terrible stories about bullying and teen suicides in the press we decided to use our video to get an anti-bullying message across. We saw the positive work was doing on a charity basis and decided that we were a perfect match for one another.

BM:! I personally think that the message behind “Renegade” is very strong and crucially important. Just about every day in the media there are stories on bullying, and kids are trying to find outlets from this torture. What did you hope to accomplish by putting this song together?

Zach: By writing the song and making the video we want to encourage people being bullied to take action and, no pun intended, do something about it. When people witness it they shouldn't stand around. Instead they should help out the person being bullied. It's something everyone sees, and it really needs to be stopped.

BM:! Can we look forward to seeing you do more work with

Zach: Definitely. We look to do a lot of shows with in 2011. Look out!

BM:! This is a strong message to send out to the world with the start of your music careers. You also have a song out titled “Future Generation”. What inspires the music you compose today and for the future?

Wyatt: Our music is inspired by what’s happening in the world right now, our own feelings, and general issues we want to write about. It’s not about a package or even a message. We just use our music to say what’s on our minds.

BM:! Where do you see RSNYC in, let’s say, seven years?

Zach: I see Radio Silence touring the world in 7 years and making music for a long time past that. I look to make countless albums in the future and hope that our music spreads to affect people around the world in a positive way.

BM:! A lot of people devote themselves to music and day dream about being on stage rocking out to a crowd of an unknown number and them loving every bit. How does it feel to know that your careers could make this day dream a reality?

Zach: It feels great. It really does. I've dreamed of being in a band all my life, and to know that it could be coming true really makes me happy. To know that I could be living my dream is indescribable.

BM:! Is there something in the works that we should look forward to?

Wyatt: We’ve been working extremely hard these past few months writing and recording a new album. There will be more news soon!

I highly recommend taking a peek at their single “Renegade” and check back to tell us what you think. Do you see their message being adhered to by troubled teens?

Interview by Melissa Moreno

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