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Dec 1, 2010

Auditorium - Be Brave

Having been in the singing business for numerous years, Spencer Berger (man behind the works of Auditorium) has developed a very unique sense of style. His debut album Be Brave is composed of 13 tracks averaging about a minute to a minute fifteen seconds in length. The disc is a pure flashback to the 70’s where people would flock carelessly half clothed, placing quaint daisies in their hair and dropping some serious acid and LSD. Although Berger doesn’t sound like he’s dropping acid, his music is simplistic (hence the scenario of hippies). Auditorium might not be my cup of tea but he could definitely satisfy others. That said, I dub “New York Sky” to be the best track on the album. At points his voice sounds significantly to that of legend Freddy Mercury. Throughout the track you’ll also hear a little bit of The Pixies “Where is my Mind?” During the entire album you’ll pick up The Beatles’ harmonizing, simple and pleasant instruments, a massive amount of crescendos in his vocals, and the feeling that you’re listening to a Broadway musical. Berger has a great vocal capacity, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him involved with more opportunities that will show off his abilities - other than producing records of course. If you’re looking for a refreshing taste of music and art Be Brave would be the place to go. Stop by Spencer Berger’s website to check out a couple of his tracks. My picks: “Sunday,” “I’m the Enforcer,” and “Girls Will Love Your Lips”.

Melissa Moreno


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