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Nov 16, 2010

Dredg at the House of Blues, San Diego, CA.

The House of Blues, San Diego, was spewing out of its seams with teeny boppers, fashionable rock goers, the grungy, and the hard core metal heads on a Friday night. I thought it would help our comrades Dredg a little that they were opening for mega hit moguls Circa Survive, but I didn't anticipate how much energy and "rock your balls off" momentum they would force feed down my throat and flow through my blood stream.

Right off the bat - a hit. The instant banging of drums and simultaneous melodic rockin’ guitar has you hooked. Although at times it sounds like rehearsed chaos, Dredg comes together to form a fully functional attraction. Front man Gavin Hayes has a vintage, unique voice that can be ranged back to Morrissey with hints of Geoff Rickly from Thursday.

While my man made cocoon of experienced Dredgers guided me through my exposure to the band, I found myself hypnotized by the tantalizing melody’s that were pumped through the venue. The body movements, growing head-banging, and devil horn fist pumping told me that I wasn't alone. Although, this was most regrettably my first experience I can honestly say "I effing love Dredg!!" and you bet your ass that I've legally purchased every album off of iTunes and on March 29th of 2011 when the release of their fourth album drops it'll be on replay on my iPod, car…anything with speakers. (With this I initiate the addiction to Dredg by telling you to check them out at or their MySpace page

And, wait up minute…how is it that a drummer has the ability to tear through his drums without literally doing so? The intensity of every hit had me cringing at the moment he would shred through a snare or symbol. AND, since when did closing with an all instrumental become so becoming? Want to know how and when…one word…Dredg.

Narrative by Melissa Moreno
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