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Oct 22, 2010

Fashion Los Angeles Steps Up To Help Displaced WCM Designers

Less than 48 hours before its fashion presentation was set to begin, World Coast Management (WCM) cancelled its self-titled “Official LA Fashion Week” production. As a prompt solution to this cancellation, Fashion Los Angeles has organized a community movement through its Bloggers’ Café program, to ensure that the designers are given an opportunity to exhibit the fashions they have worked so hard to produce. Fashion Los Angeles, the group behind the new Los Angeles fashion presentations set to debut February 2011, has joined forces with Two Point Oh LA, an organization that includes 80 of Los Angeles’ biggest fashion and beauty bloggers, led by Kelsi Smith, to offer the displaced designers an opportunity to meet with local media. The Bloggers’ Café event, known by the Twitter hashtag “#bc911,” will take place at Fashion Los Angeles headquarters. “There will be no exchange of money, there is no underlining agenda… we simply want the designers to show their work,” said Michael Venedicto, co-founder of Fashion Los Angeles. “We also hope that the designers do not perceive this to be a representation of the City of Los Angeles nor its fashion industry. Considering the current economic difficulties, it is the wrong time for a fashion presentation of this magnitude to be cancelled and for talented designers to be left stranded.” Designers who are confirmed to present their works are Daisy Gonzalez, L’une, and Paulina Lopez from Mexico City. Since this is a community service event, individuals and groups able to donate time and products (models, hair, makeup, mannequins, etc.) should contact Fashion Los Angeles via email immediately at Come back to BiteMe M+F for coverage of the designer presentations.

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