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Oct 25, 2010

Bloggers' Café 911

It was announced on Thursday October 21st that WCM/LA Production Studios were canceling their LAFW Official Runway Shows, which were scheduled to take place through Sunday. Sadly, this left 18 designers without an opportunity to showcase their collections and was devastating news to them since they put so much time, effort, and money into preparing their shows. Thankfully, Michael Venedicto and Jeff Warrington of Fashion Los Angeles and Kelsi Smith of Two Point Oh! LA came to the rescue and gave three designers (L’une, Daisy Gonzalez, and Paulina Lopez) an opportunity to present their looks at Fashion L.A.’s Spring Street office. The designers didn’t not have to pay to have their collections shown, which was a relief for them since they’ve yet to be refunded their money from WCM. A number of TwoPoint Oh! LA members adjusted their schedules so they could provide the designers with media coverage and hair stylists, make-up artists, and models also donated their time to help make the presentation happen.

BiteMe! has always been big on exposing underground and up-and-coming artists so I was more than happy to attend this last minute Bloggers' Café to lend my support.

Before the presentation I had the opportunity to chat with each designer. My first encounter was with Anh Volcek. Anh is energetic and very enthusiastic about her collection. She named her line L’Une, which is French for “The One,” because she believes we should become one with our clothes. Anh has an impressive background in fashion and her style combines European draping techniques with modern American flair. She enjoys creating clothes that are comfortable and easy to wear, so she uses fabrics that stretch and move well with the body. Her SS 2011 collection was inspired by her girlfriends with pieces named after each one according to their own unique style. Sequined rocker pieces paid tribute to Michelle and garments with feathered accents were an homage to Kellie. For her first collection it was quite impressive.

Daisy Gonzalez, an L.A. Based native with clients throughout the US and Latin America, took a different approach with her SS 2011 collection. Her body hugging creations, which were sleek and sophisticated, were inspired by the majesty and freshness of spring. As a result she used sheer metallics and brocades to represent her vision. Her garments were classy, flirty, and versatile and could also be worn in fall as well. Daisy’s sister is supporter of PETA so Daisy’s clothes are not made from animal products out of respect. She is also actively engaged in the Miss Guatemala Pageant, which raises money to help children in Guatemala receive adequate medical care, and school supplies. Her line can be purchased at La Maison de Fashion, 7471 Melrose Ave. L.A.

Paulina Lopez traveled all the way from Mexico-City, so it was great that she had a second chance at showing her collection. Paulina enjoys creating unforgettable styles for special occasions and she’s known for her signature experimental handmade stitching and intricate weaves that result in unique shapes. Her ultra-feminine collection was inspired by the colors of the rainbow. According to Paulina Green=Hope, Yellow=Light, Blue=Peace, Purple=Beauty and Coral=Force. Her innovative evening gowns and cocktail dresses were inspired by Greek nymphs and Tinkerbell respectively. She also makes intricate neckpieces to accentuate her creations.

Before I left I met two of the other displaced designers (Okezikam Ebigbo and April Davidson) who were fortunate to showcase their collections the night before at the Art Institute along with four other designers that also had their shows canceled. Check back on our site in November for a mini feature on Okezikam and April.

Narrative and photos by Nikki Neil

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