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Jun 28, 2010

Dearly Beloved - Make It Bleed

(Zoe Records) Go - Get it now!

“Are you an angry young dumb fuck?” Quite an opening line right? Hmmm… now this can either be horrific music or just pushing that fine line of legendary music. This is where Dearly Beloved’s new album Make It Bleed sits. While that line might sit a little sour on your tongue, or just yank your tongue out from its permanent spot, it will make or break you into a fan or not. Personally, who the hell likes predictable music anyways! While absorbing every track you’ll find that Dearly Beloved’s composed punk rock, grunge, and uncategorized unique elements will keep you tuned to every line. Crusin’ through tracks like “Move On,” “Make it Bleed,” and “The Butcher’s Dog” you can’t help but drool with every guitar medley, animalistic drumming, high contrasting vocals, and even the damn tambourine! Who thought a tambourine could be so rock! One particular track that stood out the most (and trust me it was hard to do) is “Carnivale.” Whether it was the consistency of inconsistent tempos, voiceovers, percussion, Cursive sound-a-like, or the first pit stop from the group’s journey painted via compact disc, you’ll have to feel it yourself. This is one of those albums that you pray doesn’t get picked up by mainstream media or doesn’t become the newest anthem for a GAP commercial because then that means sharing it with the person next to you. So, do me a favor, go to your iTunes store and buy the album. Think of it as a tax write-off. You’ll get your money’s worth! And, trust me, even with buying that you won’t have enough so go to their website Once you’ve taken it all in come back and tell us how you feel. If you disagree we shall take on a debate. GO!
Melissa Moreno

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