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May 24, 2010

CD Review - The Constellations – Southern Gothic

(Virgin Records) Go Get It Now

The Constellations—led by charismatic frontman Elijah Jones—features a revolving cast of musicians from the Atlanta music scene. Though their roots are based in rock and hip-hop the band’s diverse influences result in a liberal mixture of genres on their debut release Southern Gothic. Sleek house beats and electro synths in are mixed with funky Southern grooves while powerful melodies are backed with a gritty aggression. Cee-Lo makes a guest appearance on “Love is A Murder” and Suburban rapper Asher Roth adds his rhymes to “We’re Here To Save The Day.” The chill out nature of “Take a Ride” pays homage to the Gorillaz. “Felicia” is a throwback to the 70's ala Iggy Pop, while “Weighing Me Down” delivers a mean 70’s style funk. Venturing into the 80’s, the electro-pop dance beats of “Perfect Day” are fueled by techno inspired hooks. The upbeat “On My Way Up” ends this disc on a high note. Be sure to pick this disc up when it hits the streets on June 22nd.


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