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Jan 17, 2010

CD Review: Family of the Year – Songbook

Family of the Year – Songbook
(Washashore Records) Caution: Proceed Carefully

Family of the Year's Songbook is on of those feel good albums that you can't help but enjoy.  Light and airy with breezy lyrics this collection of up-tempo folk rock tunes features catchy melodies and complex harmonies courtesy of Vanessa Long and Joe Keefe.  Organic in nature, these happy go lucky offerings are the perfect cure for the summertime blues.  Let's Be Honest" highlights the chemistry between Long and Keefe.  "Putting Money" is one of the album's darker tunes but it does little to deter from the lightheartedness of tracks like "Summer Girl," "Feel Good Track of Rosemead," and "Charlie Song".  "Psyche or Like Scope" shakes things up with its murky synth beats, and "Jamesy" is a good-old-fashion sing-a-long that will inspire you to roast marshmallows over an open fire.  The album can be purchased digitally on the band's website for any amount.  However, for a donation of $10 you will receive a physical copy of the album along with artwork and for $25 you'll receive the CD plus a tote bag or t-shirt. To purchase go to: or

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