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Mar 1, 2019

Interview with Madeline Rosene

Meet Madeline Rosene - an Indie Pop singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles. She writes happy songs, funny songs, and sad songs, but mostly songs that make people feel a wide spectrum of emotions within a few minutes.

BM: Tell us a little about yourself and the music you create.

I am a singer/songwriter. I have been writing original songs since the seventh grade. I currently write what I would call Indie Pop-n-Roll. My music goes from very snarky (in an almost making fun of itself kind of way) to very heartfelt.

BM: What kind of music were you exposed to at home when you were younger?

A lot of 1920s and 30s jazz…almost no pop music (if I ever tried to listen to Britney Spears at home, my mom probably would have thrown the CD out the window). In high school I loved Elliott Smith. I listened to him constantly. In middle school I listened to Nirvana, The Offspring, Liz Phair, Alanis Morissette…it was pretty random.

BM: Over the years as the music you’ve made has changed do you find that the music you listen to has evolved with it?

I think the music I listen to has a lot to do with the people I’m around and the place I live. I would say, as I’ve gotten older, I have gotten more experimental with my sound and more open minded, while knowing what kinds of sounds work for me and what don’t, but I think the change in my music comes more from just being more open minded and excited to celebrate different kinds of music.

BM: Tell us about your band mates.

We’re like a little family. I love Justin Lund, Aaron Ferguson, and Juan Lopez so much. Justin and I met in a recording studio in North Hollywood and he appreciated my music immediately and we started jamming. He is an incredible drummer. His father and my mother are both musicians so we have a lot in common. Next, Juan came along with his exceptionally positive spirit and outlook on life. He is a joy to be around all the time. He gives the best pep talks, plays a mean five string bass, and plays in a few other bands in LA that are killin’ it. Juan introduced us to our lead guitarist, Aaron Ferguson. He’s from Canada and he is the band wild card. Two nights ago, he told us he’s working on a music video for a metal song his brother wrote, and the artistic direction of the video is going to be frogs dissecting humans. Nobody take that idea!!

BM: When it comes to songwriting do you (or the band as a whole) have a routine?

I have written all of the songs by myself on acoustic guitar with the exception of a couple that Justin Lund and I wrote together. After I write them, we play them together and everyone plays their part and writes their own part.

BM: What inspires your songs?

Usually, people. I can be inspired by the same person for years. My poor ex boyfriends….However, sometimes I’m inspired by other songs or just aspects of our society and culture that make me feel something.

BM: In your opinion what would you say the recipe is for writing a great song?

Well, some people might not say I write good songs because they prefer something completely different and my opinion would be irrelevant to them. But, in my opinion it’s:
Originality + Originality + Relatability + Originality + Catchy Hook

BM: What is your first memory of somebody else’s music changing your life?

Wow, I’m not totally sure. This is a hard question. Certainly hearing my mom perform and record her albums changed my life at a very young age. She gave me the delusions (ha,ha) that music could be a career. I think artists like Elliott Smith and Alanis Morissette—two of my biggest inspirations—are writers who helped me see that it’s okay to be just completely who you are. Through their writing I stopped caring about whether or not people would think my lyrics are lame or weird and I just wrote.

BM: What has been your most memorable moment on stage?

Whenever people sing along to my songs - that is really special to me. Knowing that people know the words to my songs and feel strongly enough about them to sing along with me is really powerful.

BM: Which artists would you like to have an opportunity to play with?

I’d love to collaborate with some rappers honestly. One time I did a cover of a G-Eazy song before anyone really knew who he was and he wound up tweeting it and then DMing me saying that we should do a song together sometime. Then he blew up that year and I was never able to get ahold him again. I deleted that Twitter account like an idiot! Anyway, rappers I’m down to write and sing your hooks and maybe even spit a verse.

BM: What can one expect when they see you perform live?

I like to talk to people in the audience. My bandmates and I have a lot of inside jokes. None of us take ourselves too seriously, so we don’t have a lot of anxiety when we perform. We’ve all been doing it for years now. I think if I had to describe what I felt like on stage I would say that I felt very comfortable and very at home with my guitar and my songs.

BM: How important do you think it is to form a bond with fans?

It’s extremely important. I learn so much from the people who support me and they are the people who fuel my passion. I like to know who my fans are and try to understand what it is about my music that appeals to them so I can do more of that. They are the people I am doing this for, so they are really some of the most important people in the world to me. You can’t be an artist without patrons and fans. Well, you can… but it’s really not very much fun.

BM: Besides having great songs what do you think are some of the essential factors of survival in this business?

Having a really solid team that works as hard as you do, being true to who you are and what your brand is, and not giving up are all crucial.

BM: Where can people purchase your music?

Spotify, iTunes, Amazon…all the major places. I am really trying to focus on building my YouTube following right now.

BM: How do you feel Art, Fashion, and Music influence each other?

Currently I think fashion and music feed each other a lot. So many rappers mention brand names in their songs. We live in a culture that is currently obsessed with conspicuous consumption. I love fashion and art. Fashion gets a bad rep for fueling greed and consumption, but if you think of it more in terms of personal style it’s a healthy form of expressing yourself in colorful and innovative ways. I am very visual and I really see all three—art, fashion, and music—as the greatest outlets of self-expression. I think self-expression begets more self-expression and in that way those outlets influence each other.

For more on Madeline Rosene and her music check out her YouTube Chanel and visit her website. If you live in the Los Angeles area you can catch Madeline at The Other Door in North Hollywood on March 6th and Café Fais Do Do on March 25th.


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