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Mar 27, 2017

Manuelle Scarves Kickstarter Campaign

We here at BiteMe! M+F are huge fans of Manuelle Scarves. The line features an exquisite collection of digitally printed photo scarves made from 100% Modal and Silk. Founder Manny Sanchez started the company as a creative outlet to express his passion for photography and fashion. The images on the scarves range from a series of photographs taken in Europe, New York, California, and Havana, Cuba and can be found in select boutiques and museums. Manny is looking to expand his business via an increased presence at trade shows. In order to do this he needs to raise $6,000 by April 18th. Help Manny reach his goal and pledge what you can to his Kickstarter campaign. If you pledge $40 you’ll receive one of his beautiful creations from the New York series. Click here to donate. – NIN


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