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Feb 2, 2017

Unreal Fur: A Luxurious Alternative

It’s no secret that I greatly value animals and am conscious of my personal impact on their wellbeing, which is why I’ll take faux-fur over real fur any day. Thankfully, in recent years, the demand for faux fur has increased as consumers are becoming more conscious about where there clothes come from and how they are made. And, thanks to modern technology, faux fur can now be produced with the same level of softness, quality, and warmth as the real thing.

The creative forces behind Unreal Fur realize that faux fur is not a trend but a lifestyle that consumers are comfortable embracing. This independent, PETA-certified Australian label offers a luxurious, practical, and ethical alternative to fur. Driven by a passion for animal welfare and a love of fashion the company’s mission is to create beautiful clothing and accessories that are cruelty free.

Adhering to its motto “Animals are not ours to wear,” Unreal Fur produces fashionable faux fur pieces in addition to non-fur ready-to-wear vegan leather and suede garments. Each piece is cut using the finest quality synthetic materials, which gives it the appearance and texture of real fur. It is the perfect line to keep you warm and chic this winter, while keeping your conscience clear.

Narrative by Nikki Neil
Photos courtesy of Unreal Fur


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