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May 6, 2016

Antar Penguin – A Shirt For A Second Chance

Socially conscious fashion brand Antar Penguin has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund “Smart Casual – A Shirt For A Second Chance.” Founders Jimi Feng and Spoze Shen hope to raise $20,000 over the next two months in order to facilitate a program that will help the homeless in the nearby community.

For every Antar shirt purchased the company will manufacture an additional shirt to support Career Gear (a non-profit organization)in their mission to provide job skills training and assistance with job interview opportunities to the unemployed and homeless families in the local community.

Antar encourages those who purchase one of their high-quality dress shirts to write a letter to the recipient of the donated shirt. The letter will be sent with the dress shirt in hopes that it will lift that individual’s spirit and help them move forward in life.

Click here to support Antar’s campaign and give someone a second chance in life. – NIN


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