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Oct 26, 2015

Art Hearts Fashion Week SS2016

Art Hearts Fashion hosted another successful fashion week in Los Angeles with over 30 designers, 7 visual artists, and 1 very excited 11 year-old from Make-A-Wish. Embracing the power of art, fashion, and charity, the organization has set itself apart as the fashion week that redefines what the runway can do for designers, brands, and the community.

The epic four day event featured charity shows, couture collections, kids shows, celebrities, and performers.

Among the featured collections were: Mister Triple X

Levitation Activewear 

Koco Blaq

Lolly clothing

Nicole Miller

Aussie Gear 

Fan favorite 11-year-old designer Noa Sorrell from Make-A-Wish sent a colorful and patterned collection—that she designed while undergoing treatment for cancer—down the runway that elicited cheers from the audience.

Project Runway alumnus Michael Costello took over the runway Wednesday night with an awe inspiring collection of sexiness from his Stello Official line.

Amato Haute Couture (Furne One) closed the week out with a variety of looks that featured French laces and tulle paired with stretch and acid washed denims.

Narrative Nikki Neil
Photos courtesy of Jeff Linett


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