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Aug 3, 2015

Cocksure – Corporate_Sting

The musical force behind Cocksure (Chris Connelly and Jason Novak) have been quite busy honing their expertise at crafting brilliantly brutal music. In 2014 the duo dropped three separate releases on three different labels and soon they will be unleashing their fourth—Corporate_Sting—on August 21st

This industrialized high octane recording oozes those familiar sounds and beats of old school WaxTrax! days presenting a non-stop massive assault of bone-crushing rhythms and mechanized noises, which pave the way for an atmosphere that pervades throughout. Tracks like “Porno Drones,” “O.C.D. Got Game!”, and “Hi Talez” all deliver the massive beats, dissonant synths, and snarling vocals that industrial enthusiasts will appreciate.

It’s quite obvious that Cocksure is anything but a vanity project.  Corporate_Sting displays Chris and Jason’s ability to return to their roots and take their music in a new direction by utilizing modern technology to bring their sound into the 21st century. – NIN  

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