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Jun 10, 2014

Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music To Cure Cancer

In 2008 Industrial scene promoter, musician, and DJ Jim Semonik was diagnosed with a very deadly form of stage 2B colorectal cancer. Wanting to do his part to fight this vile disease he assembled everyone he worked with over the years and created Electronic Saviors. The result was a massive outpouring of music from over 80 artists all over the world. In celebration of 5 years cancer free Jim is releasing Electronic Saviors Vol 3: Remission – Industrial Music To Cure Cancer on June 10th in conjunction with Metropolis Records. The limited edition, four CD box set features new and exclusive tracks from some pretty killer acts including Combichrist, 16 Volt, Hate Dept, Aesthetic, Perfection, Panic Lift, Ego Likeness, Left Spine Down, Stromkern, Rein, and many more. A premium edition box set is also available. Click here to order yours and support the fight against cancer. – NIN

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