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May 21, 2014

Black Tie Emporium

Native Angeleno teens Jonathan Heit (13) and Alex Trevino (13) are avid skateboarders with a smart business sense. Heit (a film and television veteran) and Trevino (a budding mogul) came up with the idea of designing their own on trend skate/street apparel line during an afternoon study hall. They decided to call their brand Black Tie Emporium because “it’s so opposite of what most people think of when they think of skateboarders.” The line currently features graphically unique, colorful shirts with designs that anybody can wear. 

What makes the brand unique is that the ideas come from “the minds of teenage boys and not from adults trying to decide what kids would think is cool or funny.” The duo describes their brand as ‘dapper skate’ because the graphics are clean and sophisticated. They hope to eventually expand into a snowboarding line, a surf line, and a clothing line for girls/women and plan to add hats, hoodies, accessories, and jackets in the near future. Black Tie Emporium will be celebrating its launch with a VIP Celebrity event at noted Fairfax space ADBD on June 3rd. Product can also be purchased at the brand’s website where a percentage of proceeds will be donated to unite4:good. - NIN

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