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Dec 9, 2013

Pravada - Somebody Else

A trio of musically talented men have come together as a unit collectively known as PRAVADA. Being no strangers to the music scene this collaboration is something you’ll anticipate more great things from. With their album Dirty Looks just making its appearance in the music world, I bring to you their also newly released video for “Somebody Else”. Singer/guitarist Jesse Lee has a raspy off pitched voice, and he produces meaningful lyrics that add beauty to every track on Dirty Looks. Take a gander for yourself with the “Somebody Else”. The video tells a tale of deceit, sex, and a good ass kicking. You might have to watch it twice because director Joel Umbaugh put together a clip in which you get lost in trying to figure out what the main character is up to. Or, you can just continue to watch the video over and over again because “Somebody Else” is a great track to end the year with. If you dig the sound and want more, click here to purchase “Dirty Looks”.
Melissa Moreno


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