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Aug 26, 2013

Covenant – Leaving Babylon

From the minute they burst onto the scene Covenant has been adored by fans and critics alike in the world of EBM and now the band is about to shake things up with the release of Leaving Babylon (due out Sept 10th).

The Swedish unit’s eight studio album is a beat heavy, sonic exploration into uncharted territory. Things kick off with the techno pop pulses of the title track, “Leaving Babylon.” From there the moods range from dramatic (Thy Kingdom Come) to anthemic (Prime Movers) to infectious (Auto Circulation) to pulsating (Last Dance) to dance floor ecstasy (Ignorance and Bliss).
Overall, Leaving Babylon is a solid record that pairs the band’s early EBM roots with organic electronics and atmospheric, mid-tempo grooves. It’s no secret that Covenant has a unique and formidable ability for conveying emotions through their music. It’s obvious that Eskil, Joakim, and Clas have been hard at work crafting Leaving Babylon into something that is far more conceptualized and thematic than previous releases. – NIN

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