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Jul 22, 2013

Owl Paws - Cold Lead Bath

I’ve found something for you all. From one avid music fan to another, you know you need a song to distinguish your every mood - one for the happy/giddy moments, one for the “I hate the world and everything that comes with it” times, one for the non-existent top down drive with your hair flowing out of control and to your right your main ride or die (ok, this doesn’t always happen, but you envision yourself doing this exact thing because of that one song), and then you have that one song that just makes you contemplate your life and you end up hating yourself for the duration of the song, or you find a way to rediscover your new found love for crocheting babies booties. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you feel you just need a song. So, for the aforementioned overly detailed type of song-here it is: Owl Paws’ “Cold Lead Bath”. The song has soft and soothing melodies and lyrics that, for once, are well thought out and meaningful. The band hails from San Francisco (land of the creative) and there is a good mix of creativity, but not enough to make you wonder, “What the hell am I listening to?” So, I suggest that you sit back, turn it up, and relax to the tunes of Owl Paws.
Melissa Moreno

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