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Apr 23, 2013

PCP Champagne Cap Bracelets: Perfect For Mother’s Day

It’s always fun to be the first kid on your block to have the latest and greatest. Well, I was the first kid on the block to have the new champagne cap bracelet from Pop Culture Princess. In fact, I was the first kid on the block to have a complete champagne couture set. Now, you can too! You can order a bracelet to go along with the PCP ring or necklace you already have or order the complete set, which features a ring, bracelet, and necklace.  

 Plus, Mother’s Day is around the corner and you know mom is tired of the same ole, same ole. The sets are budget friendly, so you can purchase two, and mom will appreciate the thought and effort you put into picking her out something fashionably chic and unique. - NIN



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