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Jan 21, 2013

Creeping Through My Neighbourhood

During my morning beautification rituals music, of course, must be present. My latest go to has been Pandora’s “Alternative Endurance”. It shares a variety of Florence and The Machine, Shiny Toy Guns, Calvin Harris, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and this morning, much to grandest surprise, - THE NEIGHBOURHOOD! As I was applying my third layer of mascara I hear a familiar beat and marveled at the similarity to The Neighbourhood’s “Sweater Weather”. Of course, as the track continued to play it really was The Neighbourhood on Pandora! One of the biggest thrills of writing and sharing new and upcoming bands is the hopes that the masses find them as intriguing as the folk over at Bite Me! Music and Fashion.

Take, for example, one of their latest projects titled “A Little Death” - a French translation for ‘Orgasm’. Now listen and look at the video and you might be finding yourself bordering a “little death”. (Watch only if you’re over 18 yrs old.)

After having watched the video for the third time and finished drooling I thought, “Ok, typical boy’s making a lesbian porno.” But, after a bit of research I found that it wasn’t meant to stimulate the eye. In fact, it was an artistic depiction of another person “loving someone to death.”

According to the band, “The name ‘A Little Death’ means ‘Orgasm’ in French and the song lyrics tell the tale of a romance in a motel. We didn't want to cut corners in telling this story so when the subject of nudity came up we agreed to make something that utilized implied nudity without getting pornographic. We wanted to pay homage to the song title's origins in both its English and French translation. We really liked the idea of someone loving someone else to death.”  

So we have for you today, if you haven’t caught on just yet, a group of talented and art conscientious men who are dead set in making themselves known to the world and are having that success. Thanks to Pandora for furthering their success.
Melissa Moreno

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