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Dec 10, 2012

The Neighbourhood: Live At House Of Blues

The first night I became acquainted with The Neighbourhood it was at little old Casbah where the lead singer "fuck"ed this and "fuck"ed that to deceive the listener that all five were much older and wiser. However, there was no need for this at San Diego’s House of Blues. The band demanded and happily received credibility as artists. Appearing to have learned a thing or two while traveling abroad with Temper Trap and now with the assistance of Paul Banks, from Interpol, their music has been fine tuned to suit the ears of a wider range of listeners. 

While performing "Baby Came Home" (a track off of The Neighbourhood’s debut EP titled I’m Sorry) it was evident that the group had spent some time in the studio improving the vocals and mechanics. 


While performing a thirty minute set, the stage presence that The Neighbourhood creates is one that enhances the feeling of being on a drunken stupor and aimlessly trotting through a city’s lonely streets at night. There are no extravagant flashes, no overly synthesized sounds, or distorted vocals - just raw talent and simple note melodies.

The absolute highlight and treat of the night was the acoustic rendition of "Leaving Tonight.” If you see The Neighbourhood coming to you run towards them.
Here is a link to their latest track titled “Let it Go.” This song definitely has a stronger hip-hopesque feel to it, but the groups minimalistic characteristics are still present; thus, keeping true to their original vibe. What do you think? Capable of taking a spot in your iTunes?
Melissa Moreno


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