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Nov 8, 2012

The Condors: 3 Item Combo

(Vital Gesture Records)
The Condors are one of those great all around bands. Not only are they entertaining live but you can also count on them to deliver an enjoyable record. Frontman, and main songwriter, Pooch DiPuccio has an ear for music and he surrounds himself with seasoned musicians.

The group’s latest release is titled 3 Item Combo, which very well could be a cheeky reference to their new status as a trio. The current line-up also features bassist Mario "Miggs" DiLeva and drummer Mark Francis White. 

Aside from intelligent arrangements, the album also contains a number of infectiously melodic, punchy tunes that blend old school punk with power pop. It’s slightly edgy with a relaxed feel and does a fine job of capturing the essence of band’s live sound. 

The feel good melody and meaty riff of “Here I Go” kicks off this timeless release, which spews tales of dysfunctionality. “Queer Fascination” pairs cynical lyrics with high energy riffs and an old school rock sound. The funky guitar rhythms of “What’s Wrong With That” will have you stomping your feet and clapping your hands. Smoking hot chords and a solid groove announce the arrival of “Angry Little Man,” while “Full Blown Love Attack” emits a surf rock vibe. And, who but The Condors would pen a tribute to ”Zzyzx Road.” – NIN

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