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Nov 16, 2012

Lindsey Lerman and Lauren Brokaw of Stella and Bow

Lindsey Lerman and Lauren Brokaw are no strangers to the world of entertainment. Lindsey’s brother is actor Logan Lerman, and Lauren’s father is Norman Brokaw (Chairman of William Morris Agency). Needless to say, their immersion in art, film, and fashion since childhood led to the birth of their jewelry line, Stella and Bow. Due to the duo’s influence in Los Angeles, Stella and Bow has acquired quite an exciting and diverse fan base. 

The design team use genuine stones and craft each piece with care. Their trendsetting pieces are affordable and can be worn layered or alone. 

BM: What inspired you to start Stella and Bow? 
 We saw a void in the market.

Lauren: I was always fixing jewelry that my mom or friends bought and I had a piece that turned my skin green and tarnished. It baffled me that there were some great pieces out there but they were really expensive and not of great quality. We wanted to fill that void and offer quality jewels at affordable price points. We don’t want it to only fit a select demographic; we wanted to offer something for everyone.
BM: How did you come up with the name for your line? 

We were trying to think of something we both loved! So we named it after our dogs! 

Lauren: Lindsey’s dog is named ‘Stella’ after A Street Car Called Desire because I was always yelling after her.

Lindsey:  Lauren’s dog is named ‘Bow.’

Lauren: I have been obsessed with bows for as long as I can remember. 

BM: Can you describe your jewelry making process? 

The actual process of making the pieces is a bit of an assembly line. We’ve got a routine down so we will start by making a ton of one certain part such as the clasp, then move on to the next part, like beading, then we put everything together. 

BM: What’s it like being coworkers and friends and designing this line together?  

We work really well together. It’s all about communication and about being very clear to one another. We respect each other’s ideas and are able to do both things (friendship and business) really well with each other. Most of our friends don’t see our business relationship, and most of our business colleagues don’t see our friendship. We are always on the same page. Were both very motivated and want this to work, so we are always on track and target. We have the same goals so it works out. 

BM: How would you each describe the other’s style? 

Lindsey: Lauren is rocker chic. She loves mixing feminine with edgy accents and high-low fashion. 

Lauren: Lindsey is classy and sophisticated. She loves clean lines and always looks great in simple but modern staple pieces. 
BM: What’s your workspace like? 

Creative and comfy! A lot of days that we are designing jewelry we are in the same spot for hours, so we are stocked on snacks and entertainment! 

BM: What’s your design philosophy? 

To take inspiration from everything! We find inspiration wherever we go, so we don’t really limit ourselves in what we design. Anything we see that inspires us we translate that into jewelry. 
BM: What sets Stella and Bow apart from other jewelry lines? 

We’re affordable, have amazing price points, and there is something for everyone! Whether it is your grandmother or teenage niece. 

Interview by Nikki Neil. Photos courtesy of Stella and Bow.


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