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Nov 19, 2012

Girl In A Coma – House of Blues, San Diego

“JUST WANNA SCREAM ‘TIL I PUKE!!” That was exactly what I thought during Girl in a Coma’s performance at the San Diego House of Blues on November 11. Here at Bite Me! Music + Fashion we’ve been lucky enough to get a good taste of these girls back when their album Trio B.C. was distributed in mass quantities and they were playing shows left and right. While they’ve been gaining a larger and larger fan base, I’d say we were the lucky ones - the ones solely benefiting from the ridiculous talent these three women bring forth. Forget your everyday male “rock your socks off” rock bands, these girls have bigger balls that most men out there COMBINED! Can you feel my extreme dedication and borderline obsession here?

Girl in a Coma (Or GIAC) is a group that plays like Morrissey with a rockabillyesque vibe but with a harder grunge edge. Lead singer Nina Gomez has a voice far from ordinary, and it is laced with an angelic-like tone. Gomez, drummer Phanie Diaz, and bassist Jenn Alva mesh well and deliver a performance that will make you want to go home and  start an all group trio.

Check out this live performance of a cover of Selena’s “Si UnaVez.” And, because we all love a little raw acoustic check out the “BB.” 

Narrative and photos by Melissa Moreno 

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  1. 2 Thumbs up! Great review & great pic just LUV It! Look forward to the next review and seeing more of Ms. Moreno :)


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