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Aug 22, 2012

Fleeting Circus – Dream World Of Magic

I’d like to introduce our dearly devoted readers to some spice! I present to you - Fleeting Circus! This quartet rock group from Rio de Janeiro is gearing up to release their 6 track EP titled Dream World Of Magic. I’ve had the pleasure of having the chance to experience these tunes first hand so I can tease you all on what I’ve heard.

You get the sense that you had a bunch of bro’s coming together who thought it’d be sweet to start a rock band and see if they could make it big like their influential rock star hero’s, Led Zeppelin. I don’t mean for this to be taken as a negative connotation - oh, by all means, no. I fully say this in a sense that I miss that innocence and dedication in young, breaking out of the garage “but I’m not punk rock” music. This is the type of rock that you know is being nestled in the arms of a music producer who is slowly releasing the tight grip so that this baby may cautiously take its first step onto the floor of its soon realized future into rock stardom. 

A track that stood out and caught my attention was “Hurricane.” It might have mainly been because of the thick Brazilian accent that shows itself with the slow pronunciation of ‘Hur-ri-ca-ne,’ but also because of the slow Bush-esque meets Chilean Grammy winners La Ley. Being a ridiculously avid fan of Muse I catch Matt Bellamy’s sound throughout the track. Does this make me biased? Probably. But, if you listen to the track here you’ll see why I enjoy it. By the way, ignore the video. I find it pointless and irrelevant and a little bit damaging to the work of the song. 
Melissa Moreno 

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