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Jul 26, 2012

Victorian Woman: Modern Gothic Chic Attire

Designer and creator of Victorian luxury fashion, Manuela Biocca, is whipping up sexy and elegant timeless classics for today’s “Goth Chic” women. Biocca’s website, Victorian Woman, has a unique variety of corsets, cloaks, Victorian jewelry, hats, and purses. If you want a break from the usual floral prints, tie dyes, oversized tees, etc…this is a place you’ll want to go. Prices are a bit on the pricey side, but the fact that everything is uniquely made and not produced in mass quantities will put you at ease because you’ll be getting the definition of a timeless piece! I really admire the fact that the only fabrics used to make the gorgeous garments are silk, satin, taffeta, and brocade. Gems that are used to accent these pieces are all genuine and nothing close to being under par.
The Cloak Opéra caught my eye. Priced at 416.50€ (which would translate to about $504.73) it would be a perfect accessory for winter and could be worn elegantly or casually.

Because there are so many lovely things that you must go and check out for yourself I’ll share one more piece I absolutely loved. The Vanité evening clutch set.

This three piece handbag set is a must have for going out and carrying something that no one else will have but everyone will ask about. Its skull centerpiece is custom drawn and designed and, of course, is limited to how many are available for purchase. Another bonus factor—besides specializing in the mid 1830’s women’s fashion—Biocca brings the modern world into consideration by adding an iPhone/iPod case to fit perfectly in your pouch.
Be sure to run on over to and tell us: Are these artifacts something you can see in your closet?
Narrative by Melissa Moreno Photos courtesy of Victorian Woman

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  1. I have seen many of Manuela Biocca's amazing items for real. Believe me they are exquisite pieces, beautifully crafted and inspiring. She is exceedingly talented. Check them out on her website and treat yourself!


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