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Jun 1, 2012

Karma’s A Bitch

Here at BiteMe! M+F we’re not just about music and fashion. We’re also about the arts too, which is why we want to tell you about a hilarious new web series called Karma’s A Bitch. Created and written by the witty Annie Wood (who also stars as Karma) Karma’s A Bitch is an entertaining, award-winning comedy that will have you laughing from beginning to end. 

Have you ever wondered what Karma would be like in real life? Well, she’s adorable with a wicked sense of humor. She might have a sweet tooth, but you definitely don’t want to piss her off. The short also features a delightful array of characters such as: Stephanie Erb as Insecurity, Teresa Ganzel as Honesty, Susie Geiser as Guilt, DeLane Matthews as Patience, Erin Murphy as Vanity, Bill Lippincott as Blame, Peter Arpesella as Mr. Linguini, Phillip Estrada as The Man Upstairs, Eric Curtis as Eddie, Arthur Hanket as Dr. Goldberg and more. 

If you’re looking for a cure for the Monday blues (or just need a good laugh) be sure to visit ComeDiva every Monday to get your weekly dose of Karma’s A Bitch. Episode 1 is up now. – NIN

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